Public release of the lensing simulation data generated from the VLS Nbody simulation

Sample download

README (text)
run00.log (text)
run00.zs1.dat (binary data)
run00.zs2.dat (binary data)
run00.zs3.dat (binary data)
run00.zs1.kap.fits (fits image)
run00.zs3.kap.fits (fits image)
run00.zs1.pos (binary data)
run00.zs2.pos (binary data)
run00.zs3.pos (binary data)
nolensed.pos (binary data)
readdat.f (Fortran program)
readpos.f (Fortran program)

Data of other realizations (run01-run35) are avirable from Takashi Hamana on request: hamanatk [at matk here]

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