2017 Dec.- present
Assistatnt professor, Division of Theoretical Astronomy, NAOJ
2017 Apr.- 2017 Nov.
NAOJ Fellow @ NAOJ
2016 Nov.- 2017 Mar.
Humboldt Research Fellow @ Heidelberg University
2015 Apr.- 2016 Nov.
JSPS Research Fellow @ Heidelberg University
2014 Sep.- 2015 Mar.
JSPS Research Fellow (PD) @ Tokyo Institute of Technology
2012 Apr.- 2014 Sep.
JSPS Research Fellow (DC1) @ NAOJ


2014 Sep.
PhD, Graduate University for Advanced Studies (GUAS/SOKENDAI)
2012 Mar.
M.Sci., Department of Astronomy, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
2010 Mar.
B.A., Faculty of Science, Kyoto University

Professional Society

2013 Oct.-
Rironkon (organization of theoretical astrophysicists in Japan)
2013 Jun.-
The Japanese Society for Planetary Sciences
The Astronomical Society of Japan

Academic service

referee for A&A, PASJ, MNRAS, and ApJ


2012 Apr.- 2015 Mar.
JSPS Research Fellow (DC1), 2,700,000 JPY