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Award: JpGU 2019 Outstanding Student Presentation Award (Jul. 11, 2019)

I got the JpGU 2019 Outstanding Student Presentation Award. The title is “Tensile Strength of Porous Dust Aggregates Measured with Dust N-body Simulations.”

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Paper: Formation Process of Planetesimals Investigated using Tensile Strength (Apr. 2, 2019)

Kilometer-sized planetesimals are thought to be building blocks of planets. However, many problems still remain in the formation process of planetesimals. In order to solve them, exploration of comets and asteroids, which are leftover planetesimals in our solar system, is being actively conducted, e.g., Rosetta and Hayabusa 2. As a result, even the properties of the materials, such as tensile strength, have become clear. Therefore, in order to investigate the formation process of planetesimals from the material strength, we measured the tensile strength of porous dust aggregates, which form planetesimals, using numerical simulation.

Tatsuuma et al. 2019, ApJ, 874, 159
ADS / arXiv

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