From contraction to outflow:

l         Isothermal Run-away collapse:

Ø         Evolution of linear phase and formation of a pseudo-disk A1O5L0L2_rot.avi (animation)

l         After the formation adiabatic core

Ø         Rotating but non-magnetized cloud Rotating ring

²        Cross-cut view of the ring A1O5_L8_rot.avi(animation)

Ø         Magnetized but non-rotating cloud Nearly static core

²        Cross-cut view of the core A1O0_A.gif(figure)

Ø         Rotating, magnetized cloud Nearly static core + Outflow

²        Cross-cut view of outflow (L8) A1O5_L8_rot.avi(animation)

²        3D view of outflow (L10)A1O5_poly2_L10.avi(animation)

²        Large-scale 3D view of outflow (L6-8) A1O5_poly2_L6L8.avi(animation)



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