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* 2017 [#z407468f]


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|[[4/5>#long0405]]|all internal members|self-introduction|Conference room, Cosmos Lodge / 13:30||
|[[4/12>#long0412]]|Shing Chi Leung (Kavli IPMU)|Nucleosynthesis of Type Ia supernovae|Conference room, Cosmos Lodge / 13:30||
|[[4/17>#long0417]]|Toshihiko Kawano (LANL)|TBA|Conference room, Cosmos Lodge / 13:30||
|[[4/19>#long0419]]|Masaki Yamaguchi (U. Tokyo)|TBA|Conference room, Cosmos Lodge / 13:30||
|[[4/26>#long0426]]| Tomohisa Kawashima (NAOJ DTA)|TBA|Conference room, Cosmos Lodge / 13:30||

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** Abstract [#id139640]

:&aname(long0412){4/12}; Shing Chi Leung (Kavli IPMU) Nucleosynthesis of Type Ia supernovae|
Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) are an important class of astrophysical objects. They are the standard candles of the universe and the major sources of iron-peak elements. It is known to be the explosion of a carbon-oxygen white dwarf by thermonuclear runaways. However, many theoretical uncertainties still persist, for example whether the progenitor of SNe Ia belongs to single degenerate or double degenerate scenario. Furthermore, the diversity in observations, such as the subclasses of Type Iax or super-luminous SNe Ia, suggests that the standard picture using the explosion of a Chandrasekhar mass white dwarf is insufficient to explain the variety of the observed SNe Ia. To resolve these, a systematic understanding in SNe Ia nucleosynthesis becomes necessary. In this present, I shall present hydrodynamics and nucleosynthesis results of multi-dimensional models for the explosion phase of SNe Ia. We explore the effects of model parameters on the explosion energetic and its chemical production. The influences of our SNe Ia models to galactic chemical evolution are discussed. I also present constraints on the progenitor properties of some recently observed SNe Ia and their remnants.

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