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* ߥʡ2018 [#zbb5ecca]


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|[[ 1 5/17 15:00->#planet0517]]| | Formation of the terrestrial planets in the solar system around 1 au via radial concentration of planetesimals|15:00|
|[[ 2 5/24 15:00->#planet0524]]|ȡ δ | Determination of outer edge of circumplanetary disk in local 3d hydrodynamic simulations |15:00|
|[[ 3 5/30 14:00->#planet0530]]|Dimitri Veras | The growing field of post-main-sequence exoplanetary science, with strong connections to the solar system|Wednesday@Rinko room|
|[[ 4 6/14 14:00->#planet0614]]|  | Numerical simulations of the giant impact onto the magma ocean||
|[[ 5 6/28 14:00->#planet0628]]|ʼƬ ζ | On the origin of Phobos and Deimos||
|[[ 6 7/12 14:00->#planet0712]]| ͭ | Inner solar system objects with hyperbolic orbits: Interstellar origin or Oort cloud comets?||
|[[ 7 7/19 14:00->#planet0719]]| ζǷ | 濴̤ˤ븶ϱ׿ʲѲ||
|[[ 8 7/26 14:00->#planet0726]]| ǵ | Orbital evolution of Saturn's mid-sized moons and the tidal heating of Enceladus||
|[[ 1 9/19 14:00->#planet0919]]|ȡ δ | ʸҲ (Tanigawa et al. 2012, ApJ, Distribution of Accreting Gas and Angular Momentum onto Circumplanetary Disks)||
|[[ 2 10/3 14:00->#planet1003]]| ѰϺ | Planetesimal Formation by Gravitational Instability of a Porous Dust Disk||
|[[ 3 10/24 14:00->#planet1024]]| ůϯ | TBA ||
|[[ 4 10/31 14:00->#planet1031]]|Jason Man Yin Woo | TBA ||
|[[ 4 10/31 13:00->#planet1031]]|Jason Man Yin Woo | The curious case of Mars' formation |13:00|


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:&aname(planet0530){5/30}; Dimitri Veras The growing field of post-main-sequence exoplanetary science, with strong connections to the solar system|
The quest for identifying the bulk chemical composition of extrasolar
planets and robust observational evidence that between 25% and 50% of
all Milky Way white dwarfs host currently dynamically-active planetary
systems motivate investigations that link their formation and fate.
Here I provide a review of our current knowledge of these systems,
including an update on the observational and theoretical aspects of
the groundbreaking discovery of at least one disintegrating minor
planet transiting white dwarf WD 1145+017. I show how this field
incorporates several facets of solar system physics and chemistry, and
how its interdisciplinary nature requires input from orbital dynamics,
stellar evolution, astrochemistry, atmospheric science and surface

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