The 4th DTA Symposium

"Compact stars and gravitational wave astronomy"

13-14 May, 2016

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We will hold The 4th DTA symposium on "Compact stars and gravitational wave astronomy" on 13th and 14th May 2016 at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), which is a series of DTA (Division of Theoretical Astronomy) symposium since 2014. This symposium is hosted by DTA, NAOJ. We also hold a satellite meeting "Workshop on stability and oscillation of neutron stars" at Hiroshima University on 16th and 17th May 2016.

★ Invited speakers

- Prof. Kostas Kokkotas (Tuebingen/NAOJ)
- Prof. Raffaele Flaminio (NOAJ)
- Prof. Yuichiro Sekiguchi (Toho)
- Prof. Tomoya Takiwaki (NAOJ)
- Prof. Masaomi Tanaka (NAOJ)

★ Topics

- gravitational waves from binary system
- counterpart of gravitational waves
- EOS of neutron stars
- magnetic field of compact objects
- supernovae
- etc...

★ Conference place

Conference room in Cosmos Lodge, which will be started from 9:30 on 13th May.

★ Deadline

7th May, 2016

★ Support of travel expense for DTA symposium

Since the resource of money is limited, screening may be applied if the number of applicants exceeds the quota.

This symposium is organized by Division of Theoretical Astronomy (DTA), National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)
LOC : Hajime SOTANI (NAOJ), Yasufumi KOJIMA (Hiroshima)