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Division of Theoreticaly Astronomy group is unified to Division of Science from 2019/04/01. From now on, please see the webpage of the new group. We do not delete this page but basically do not update the contents.

Research Highlights

Pinpointing the Formation Site of Planet around Nearest Young Star with ALMA

Takashi Tsukagoshi and his collaborators used ALMA and found a small dust concentration in the disk around TW Hydrae, the nearest young star. It is highly possible that a planet is growing or about to be formed in this concentration. This is the first time that the exact place where cold materials are forming the seed of a planet has been pinpointed in the disk around a young star.

See the press release in ALMA website for detail.

Tsukagoshi et al., 2019, ApJL, Volume 878, Issue 1, article id. L8, 6 pp. [ADS]
Takashi Tsukagoshi (researchmap personal page)