NAOJ Guest House (Cosmos Lodge, on-campus):

We have reserved a block of seven rooms during the workshop. The price of a cozy guest room is reasonable ~ $20 (family-type $40) for two nights. You can use NAOJ guest house if need be, but the number of available rooms is limited. We highly recommend your early registration because we will confirm a booking of a guest room for your accommodation on a first-come-first-served basis. Some of nearby hotels (*) in the list below will offer NAOJ corporate discounts (~10% - 20%). Please inform a hotel staff of the name of NAOJ researchers (LOC members) when you make a reservation.


Musashi-sakai station

    *Hotel METS Musashi-sakai (~$100/night)

     *Citytel Hotel Musashisaki (~$70/night)


Chofu station

      Hotel Nobes Chofu (~$80/night)

     *Urban Hotel Twins Chofu (~$80/night)

     *Chofu Creston Hotel (~ $100/night)

      Hotel Livemax Chofu (~$80/night)


Some of hotels provide detailed information only in Japanese on their web pages. You should find and book such a hotel via travel agencies on the internet, e.g., Booking.com, Agoda, and TripAdvisor.

NAOJ Campus Map and Map Key

"Cosmos Lodge", N1, is NAOJ guest house with an adjoining cafe (open hours: 11:40am - 1:15pm). The workshop will take place in the "Large Seminar room" in the Subaru building, W1.

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