Ground transportation


We have two international airports, Narita and Haneda International airports, for travel from your country to Tokyo, Japan. Airport shuttles and trains go from both airports to major cities in Tokyo. To rent a car at the airport would be another option but we never recommend you get in a taxi. National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) is located in the southern area of Mitaka city. You can get there by bus or taxi from Chofu station (Keio line) or Musashi-sakai/Mitaka station (JR line).

How to get to NAOJ


You ride a bus at Chofu, Musashi-sakai, or Mitaka station and get off at "Tenmon Dai Mae" (Observatory) stop. It takes 15 - 20 minutes from each station to NAOJ. You find the main gate of NAOJ in front of the bus stop. When getting on a bus, you need to pay an exact fare to a bus driver. Bus drivers accept neither any credit card nor big bills (5,000 yen, 10,000 yen). Instead, you can change a 1,000 yen note into coins in the bus. We recommend you purchase a refundable IC card at a train station, Suica or Pasmo. Once you deposit money into the IC card at a vending machine near a station, you touch a sensor on a gate/ near a bus driver with it whenever you take a train or a bus. This sounds cool! You may go by taxi from each station to NAOJ. You should keep in mind that a taxi fare to NAOJ is approximately four - five times higher than a bus one.