Member | Division of Theoretical Astronomy, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan


5 Apr 2018

* member of CfCA
** member of 4D2U


NameResearch fieldMail
Kokubo, EiichiroPlanet Formation Theorykokubo ATM
Tomisaka, KohjiSimulation Astrophysicstomisaka ATM
Yoshida, HaruoCelestial Mechanicsh.yoshida ATM

Associate Professor

Kajino, ToshitakaNuclear Astrophysics and Cosmologykajino ATM
Nakamura, FumitakaStar Formation,
MHD simulation,
Radio Astronomy
fumitaka.nakamura ATM

Assistant Professor

Kataoka, AkimasaPlanet Formationakimasa.kataoka ATM
Takiwaki, TomoyaHigh Energy Astrophysicstakiwaki.tomoya ATM
Hamana, TakashiObservational ATM
Moriya, Takashi (from February, 2019)Supernovaetakashi.moriya ATM

Project Assistant Professor (NAOJ Fellow)

Ogihara, MasahiroPlanet Formationmasahiro.ogihara ATM
Shirasaki, MasatoLarge scale structures in the Universemasato.shirasaki ATM
Suzuki, Akihirohigh-energy ATM
Sotani, Hajime hajime.sotani ATM
Nozawa, TakayaDust Physics, Interstellar Physics takaya.nozawa ATM
Moriya, Takashi (until January, 2019)Supernovaetakashi.moriya ATM

Project Assistant Professor

Takahashi, Hiroyuki (to Aug. 2018)***High Energy astronomy, Plasma Physicstakahashi ATM
Kawashima, Tomohisa (from Jan. 2019)***Black Hole Physicskawashima.tomohisa ATM

EACOA Fellow

Wong, Kenneth (until September, 2018)observational cosmologyken.wong ATM
Pan, Yen-Chen (from September, 2018)yenchen.pan ATM

Research Expert

Kato, Tsunehiko**High energy astrophysics, Plasma Physicstsunehiko.kato ATM
Nakayama, Hirotaka**hirotaka.nakayama ATM

Specially Appointed Senior Specialist

Oshino, Shoichi*Planet Formation (until summer 2018) oshino ATM
Hohokabe, Hirotaka*Planet Formation (from December, 2018) hirotaka.hohokabe ATM
Fukushi, Hinako**Public Outreach hina ATM

Postdoctral Fellow

Asahina, Yuta* asahina.yuta ATM
Ishikawa, Shogo*shogo.ishikawa ATM
Ohtani, Yukari* yukari.ohtani ATM
Kawashima, Tomohisa (to Dec. 2018)*Black Hole Physicskawashima.tomohisa ATM
Kusune, Takayoshitakayoshi.kusune ATM
Taki, Tetsuo (from October, 2018)tetsuo.taki ATM
Wu, Benjamin (until May, 2018)ben.wu ATM

Research Associate

Ideguchi, Shinsuke* (2018.5-) -
Oshigami, Shoko*oshigami.shoko ATM
Hohokabe, Hirotaka* (until Dedember, 2018)hirotaka.hohokabe ATM
Hasegawa, Satoki**satoki.hasegawa ATM

Administration Associate

Izumi, Shiokoizumi ATM
Osada, Noriko* -

Graduate Student

NameResearch fieldAffiliationMail
Sasaki, Hirokazu UTokyo D2 hiro.sasaki ATM
Tatsuuma, Misako Planet Formation UTokyo D1misako.tatsuuma ATM
Mori, Kanji UTokyo D1 kanji.mori ATM
Luo, Yudong UTokyo M2 ydong.luo ATM
Kwok, Carol UTokyo M2 carol.kwok ATM
Takemura, Hideaki SOKENDAI M1 hideaki.takemura ATM
Hoshino, Haruka UTokyo M1 hoshino.haruka ATM
Yamazaki, Yuta UTokyo M1y.yamazaki ATM


Motohiko, Kusakabe Visiting Associate Professor Beihang University
Famiano, Michael Visiting Professor Western Michigan University
Hayakawa, TakehitoVisiting ProfessorNational Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology

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